Swolen hands and feet during pregnancy

🔴During pregnancy you may realize that your feet and arms are swollen. It does not occur in every woman. Your ring, bracelets or anklets become tight on you.

🔴Some may be due to the natural changes that occur during pregnancy. In this case you realize though your hands and feet are swollen, your BP and urine protein and other vitals are normal. You may not need any treatment. It will go away after pregnancy

🔴On the other hand, you have swollen hands and feet. It comes along with other signs and symptoms like #headache, #highblood pressure, #protein in urine and #epigastricpain.

🔴It’s important to report swollen hands and feet to your health care provider to rule out other conditions like pre eclampsia. The earlier it is detected the better the out come.

🔴To reduce the swelling…. It is adviced that…

  1. Do not assume a particular position for a long time. Sit-walk-rest. Mix your activities
  2. When sitting you can rest your feet on a small chair
  3. During sleep rest the legs on pillows. The next morning you will realize it has reduced

4.Your nutritionist will also advise on dietary changes.

You may not be able to tell whether it’s the normal one or not. Talk to your doctor about swollen hands and feet. If diagnosed with pre eclampsia kindly adhere to treatment. It is the leading cause of maternal health complications In Ghana.

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