Many women within active reproductive years, still avoid family planning even when it is readily available and cheap.

One of the leading causes of maternal deaths/complications in early pregnancy is due to unsafe abortion.

In trying to find awnsers, I interviewed three women who had a recent abortion. To actually understand why with services widely available in the city, they still refuse to take any method of contraception. Only a question was asked. Why didn’t you take steps to avoid pregnancy when you knew you did not want to be pregnant now?

First client, a mum of 3 children with the eldest child 7 years. Currently pregnant

“Hmmm, people say it is not. And when I do it it can cause me to have very bad complications “

Second client says she uses an emergency contraception every time she has sex. She uses it as a method of contraception. She does not use regular family planning methods because she believes they are not safe for her. She has used some methods before but stopped because of misconceptions and myths around family planning. She has no idea emergency contraceptives are not meant for everyday use.

Thirdly, I interviewed a gentleman. His mother in law has told them not to use family planning methods since they are dangerous. He has never received in depth education on family planning.

Two clients lived in Ashaiman and one in Tema, all in the capital of Ghana, Accra.

It is evident that many women avoid family planning due to the myths that surround it. Information received is not from trained health personnel. This is a huge setback to the use of contraception.

It is will be very beneficial if women should consider the risk associated with unplanned pregnancy and unsafe abortions. They are more expensive and can be costly. It can as well disrupt your plans. There is also the risk of bleeding due to an unsafe abortion, infection and sometimes affects women psychologically.

It’s also unsafe and risky to use abortions as a means of contraception.

More education is needed to help couples who do not plan to get pregnant use modern methods of contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancies and all the problems associated with it.


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