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Many interpretations exist for “Asram”  This is what mums had to say about it.

Opinions from Mumschat

1.I know Asram to be an evil spirit given to baby.its given to baby through their dress,cot shit like every thing that has to do with the baby’s things. Its not be given to baby when u are washing the dresses or cot sheet u add blue to wash.The Asram can kill a baby ,I know my cousin son died through that because she refused to wash the boys dresses or cot sheet with blue water. So is like when you give birth and anytime you are washing the baby dresses or cot shit, you must add blue to the water to prevent anyone who is having that evil spirit from giving the baby that spirit

2.You can get while pregnant, especially those who like eating flour food,kenkey,gari,and buy tomatoes without covering it ,with the food, is eating it in public. Indiscret eating.

3.Asram is when your baby refuse to grow
Asram retards growth of children they grow up and become  smaller in size than their real age

4.Asram is generally growth retardation or malnutrition especially marasmus with the way it is described

Mums who experienced it also shared their experience

1.I went to “nipa hia mmoa” for herbal medicine against asram when i was pregnant (superstition nkoaa)

2.Hmm.When I gave birth my baby had a line on the frontal head and so many veins were visible on the head. When he was shaved my inlaw said its asram eei,i never missed my antenatal drugs too.
So we started seeing a herbalist and he is ok now.
I was a first tym mum so I didnt know anything abt it mpo

Some mums do not also believe it exists..

1.There’s no asram, eat well, take ur medication n pray during ur pregnancy. It shall be well

2.Usually when a baby is not ‘so well’ , then they term it as such. Upon proper diagnosis, it could be hydrocephalous, malnutrition,jaundice or even colic.  
Let me leave the spiritualities for the elders

A seasoned nurse who works with children in Ghana has shared her view on what Asram is and how it could be prevented. In her live presentation she made it clear to mums that “ Asram is basically, malnutrition,dehydration, infections etc and lack of proper care.

She encouraged parents to exclusively breastfeed their babies,  give nutritious complementary foods and also protect their children from infections.

It’s also important that women report to the clinic early when their children are sick for early diagnosis and treatment.  Follow the link to watch the video.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/382839082183194/permalink/781147822352316/  kindly watch.



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