Keep Her Happy

This is one of the questions most new couples who are expecting for the first time will ask.

While some are scared it can cause miscarriage others believe it can result in developmental problems

Some men will also completely avoid their wives with the intention of protecting the unborn baby and also to give their partners some space.

Some women will also avoid having sex due to the hormonal and emotional changes that occur with pregnancy

It is worth knowing that sex during pregnancy is #safe and does not pose a problem to the mum or unborn baby. Baby is enclosed in its sac/membranes and the opening of the uterus the cervix is also closed. It also has a mucus plan that prevents any thing from entering the uterus.

What is important is to have considerations. The pregnancy hormones and the early signs and symptoms can make a woman not to desire to be intimate. It’s important for her partner to be considerate to support her through the process. There are times she will want to be intimate, there are times she will refrain. Make use of her happy days.

Some few women who have had repeated abortions or threatened abortions may be advised by their doctors or midwives to avoid sex especially if an incompetent cervix is diagnosed.

Couples can have sex throughout the pregnancy period. It is only to be avoided when your doctor or midwife advises you against it due to your health condition or as mentioned above.

During the last trimester, couples can still have sex. What is needed is to assume a position that will not put pressure on the abdomen and also the woman will be comfortable. It should also be gentle.

During the last trimester when labor is about to set in, it is believed to help trigger the onset of labor. The semen also contains prostaglandin which also helps to soften the cervix and help labor to start.

Its also important to know that, you really do not need sex to maintain your pregnancy. Baby is safe and mum is also safe. Women should not be compelled to have sex if they don’t feel like or are currently not in any relationship whilst pregnant. Labor will still be initiated naturally. Just keep a healthy life style.

It’s important for women to feel supported and loved during pregnancy. Helping her to stay emotionally stable will help her have a positive outcome of pregnancy.

Mum and baby needs your love

Tell her you love her, support her, remind her to stay healthy, and keep her happy. Above all be intimate with her. You will be her Hero…

Also discuss all your concerns about sex before deciding what to do. Remember having unprotected sex during pregnancy (STI) can still result in sexually transmitted infection. Use a barrier method to prevent STI.

Ladies, it’s important that you maintain your personal hygiene daily. Doing this will boost your confidence and also help you to stay emotionally sound. You are very prone to infections during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes. Do take care of yourself and report immediately to the hospital if you have any signs of infection example.. Pain during sexual intercourse, burning sensation during urination, lower abdominal pain, itchy vulva and severe abdominal pains.

If after sex you have spotting, bleeding or severe lower abdominal pain during pregnancy, Put a stop to it. Report to the hospital for further investigations and care. Thank you

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