This is exactly what you should expect

🔴Baby will cry right after birth. The cry will not be weak

🔴The skin color will be pink. Blue or pale skin is an indication of reduced oxygen. Report yellowish skin color as well

Sally’s Pregnancy School. 0242281957

🔴Weight will be between an average of 2.5 to 3.5kg. Babies who are underweight or over weight may need extra care.

🔴Baby will breath with ease between 40 to 60 cpm

🔴The heart rate/pulse will be also checked and it should read between 110 to 160 bpm

🔴Baby will be active.

New born baby with a good skin color

🔴Baby will also be able to breastfeed. Report if baby cannot latch on the breast

🔴Also examine your new born from head to toe. Report any abnormality you see. Check the back as well and report any abnormality.

🔴If baby does not pass meconium or urine in the first few days. Report as soon as possible.

🔴A new born vomiting, having high temperature or convulsing is not normal as well.

🔴Baby may need some resuscitation and some extra care if the above indications are not present. Alert your health care professional right away.

🔴Don’t be afraid to ask your midwife how your child is doing. It’s your right to be informed.

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Published by Midwife Sally

A nurse midwife passionate about maternal and child health .Executive Director of WaCHAG-Ghana. An NGO focused on reducing maternal and child deaths in Ghana.

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