Sign of an infected cord include

Infected cord

The umbilical cord is a very good place for infection to get into your baby’s body.


đź”´Swelling of the stamp and abnormal discharge

đź”´Offensive smell from the stamp

đź”´The cord may also take long before detaching.

Always make sure the cord area is kept dry and clean

Do not apply substances that your doctor/midwife has not prescribed.

Always wash your hands and use sterile cotton as well as the prescribed solution recommended by your midwife to dress cord.

Report immediately to the hospital if you notice cord bleeding or any sign of infection.

Neonatal sepsis is real!!!





Published by Midwife Sally

A nurse midwife passionate about maternal and child health .Executive Director of WaCHAG-Ghana. An NGO focused on reducing maternal and child deaths in Ghana.

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