During pregnancy hormonal changes in the body can alter how sugar can be used by the body. Insulin is required for the body to use the sugar we have in our body. The placenta hormones prevents its effectiveness hence more insulin required to process the sugar consumed. Women may end up having more sugar in the body and diagnosed as having #GestationalDiabetis.

Some signs include increased thirst, increased urination FBS of more than 6 mmol/L.

We are concerned about Gestational diabetes because of the complications it can have for both mum and baby. To mention a few…. having a big baby, fetal abnormalities, premature birth, intrauterine fetal death, delayed wound healing, infections etc

If you are pregnant your sugar, Fasting blood sugar (FBS), will be checked at the hospital during your first visit and at every subsequent visit a dipstick is used to check for the presence of sugar in urine. If diagnosed of GDM, rest assured it can be managed and both mum and baby will be fine. The key thing is to cooperate with your doctor, so that they can keep your #bloodsugar level under control. Once this is achieved complications are greatly reduced.

Also adapt a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious meals, and exercise. Visit the hospital as scheduled and deliver your baby in a hospital. Always involve someone in your care and take prescribed medications as well.

To prevent or reduce complications

🍉Keeping your sugar level under control can prevent most of the complications associated with it.

🥑Talk to your midwife or doctor about how to keep your sugar levels within normal.

🌽Talk to a nutritionist to help you choose healthy diet as well. More fruits, vegetables and Fibre in your diet is necessary.

🍎Regular antenatal clinics and hospital delivery is recommended

Speak to a health care provider if you have any concerns.


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