I noticed a woman with scarf looking so weak and fragile. In my mind she is an adult, pregnant and having the usual hyperemisis gravidarum which will by all means pass.

As I looked closely, I reasiled she could be much younger. She couldn’t speak, she was weak having chills and shivering. The scarf made her to look much older than her age. She was only 16 years. An adolescent

She had not eaten and the man responsible is no where to be found!

What broke my heart, where is your mother? She is in Ashanti Region. And what are you doing here in Accra.?

My mum gave me to a man to help me learn a trade.(Sewing)

Join our pregnancy class

What?….Are you sure? Mum gave you to a man to come to Accra with you?

Sadly responding yes..

Is your mum aware he has got you pregnant and sick as well?

No madam! She replied

Do you have your mums number? No he is the one who has it and when I asked for it he said no since I will report that am pregnant.

This is just one of the real stories… What has happened to society? What has happened to parenting?

What social structures do we have in place to protect these innocent girls from being vulnerable?

How can we empower our women across the country to become economically independent so they can protect their daughters.


For the men who take advantage of these young and innocent girls what can we do to stop this from re occurring!

The lives of many brilliant girls are being wasted and shattered due to teenage pregnancy. Many of the girls who are supposed to be in school developing themselves are being forced to become mothers and wives.

The cycle will continue and social vices will increase if nothing is done about it.

Let’s not pretend nothing is happening! Let’s not say it is everywhere or it is normal. It is not normal and also unacceptable!!!

We can prevent many of these occurrences.

Let’s join hands, in our small corners let’s encourage girls to stay in school and also mentor them to achieve their dreams.

And yes we can’t run away from sex education and teaching our girls ascertive skills!

Thank you. Pass it on. Kindly do something in your own way about this



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