Ama: Midwife, I feel heavines in my abdomen which is sometimes accompanied with slight pains, yet i hardly feel my baby move.

The babys movement isn’t something my doctor questions me on when I go for my appointments, what he does is to use a machine to check baby’s heartbeat and tell me baby is fine. Should I be worried?

Midwife Sally: You should feel baby move after 16 to 22 weeks. Mums who have already given birth before feel it earlier since they know how it feels than first time mums. Next time questions him. Feel free to do so. It’s not just enough to say all is well. Know and understand exactly what is going on and what you can do to stay healthy. Some times position of your placenta is also a contributing factor in.

Ama after receiving the information immediately rushes to her hospital to check on her baby and this is the feed back she brings

Ama:Concerning baby kicks which I told you of last two days on the pregnancy page that I only felt heaviness and no kicks.

Had to quickly rush to the hospital after you advised me to do so. After several examination, was told I lost the Baby. I Was 34 weeks pregnant and my due date was on the 8th of May 2020

I wish you educate us more on the importance of this baby movement/ kicks very well.

Quickening is the first movement of your baby which the mother begins to experience between 16 weeks to 22 weeks.

This movement once you start feeling it should continue every day. No day should pass without you feeling your baby’s movement after quickening.

You should learn to be familiar to your babyd movement partern in utero. In a day when things are calm around you with less noise, at least spare some 30 minutes to an hour listening to your body to see if you will feel the baby move within that period.

Sometimes as you are busy moving and working in a noisy environment, baby will be moving but due to the destructions within the environment, you may not feel it. It’s therefore important that you find time every day after quickening to listen to your body and also monitor your baby’s movement partern

If in an hour you do not feel any movement, kindly speak or call your midwife immediately.

Your baby’s movement/kicks should not slow down or become excessive. Don’t assume your baby is asleep for more than 24 hours. Check up!!!

Also remember to take care of your self. Eat nutritious meals, take your prescribed medications, exercise and report early when you feel something isn’t right. Share to help other mums

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