Have you ever wondered why you had that lower abdominal pains after birth? Even becoming worse during breastfeeding? It feels like a painful menstruation. This is why..

The uterus for the past 9 months have expanded to accommodate your growing fetus.

After birth it contracts to get back into its normal shape and size. By 6 weeks after birth it should go Back to its pre pregnancy state.

The contraction/pain you feel helps the uterus to become smaller and as well go back to its pre pregnancy state. Yes it’s painful especially if it’s a subsequent birth.

As you breastfeed the uterus contracts since the hormone oxytocin is also produced. It is responsible for the contractions that causes the lower abdominal pains.

✔️This pain can be managed by taking some prescribed analgesics and also sleeping on the abdomen. If you had a Caesarian section assume a comfortable position.

✔️Have enough rest, passive exercise and adequate hydration is also helpful.

If lower abdominal pain is very severe with profuse bleeding. Speak to a doctor /midwife


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