Did you know the placenta is an organ that is formed during pregnancy? It’s basic function is to nourish the growing fetus .

It has a maternal surface attached to the mum and has a cord that serves a  channel for exchanging nutrients, oxygen and other substances to the fetus.

It is firmly attached to the upper/Posterior portion of the uterus (fundus).In some instances it is rather located in the anterior/lower part of the uterus.

Placenta previa occurs when a baby’s placenta is partially or totally covering the mother’s cervix, the outlet for the uterus. Placenta previa can cause severe bleeding during pregnancy and delivery.

It can be diagnosed by a scan during pregnancy.

Women diagnosed with severe forms of placenta previa should prepare for a cesarean section. Some mild forms will resolve before birth. It has to be confirmed by your doctor first.

Sudden bleeding of bright red blood which may or may not come with pain is one of the symptoms of a placenta previa.

At the antenatal, always make sure you discuss the findings of your scan with your midwife. She will explain your risk and also help you to decide the mode of your delivery

You may be asked to avoid some form of exercise, sex and tedious activities till your baby is born to avoid complications.

In case of bleeding, report immediately to the hospital. Also cooperate with your doctor or midwife for the best outcome.



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