Birth brings joy to most women and their families, but this is not the same for every woman. Some are left with complications that affect their quality of life permanently.

One of such complications is what is termed as an obstetric fistula. A fistula is an opening that occurs between two organs. In the case of obstetric fistula, there is an opening between the vagina and either the bladder or rectum.

So the woman may leak urine and feaces through the vagina. She has no control over it. Imagine what happens to such women. They are left in isolation and their partners sometimes abandon them due to the incontinence. Low self esteem becomes a part of them. They may never go to public events due to the smell around them. It’s gives way to infections and other health challenges.

This is caused by prolonged and obstructed labor. Imagine a woman being in labor for three days! There is reduced blood supply to the organs and the tissue dies with time. An opening is then created between the two organs.

The good news is that with skilled birth most obstetric fistula’s can be prevented. Deliver in a hospital. If it occurs it can also be corrected in most of our tertiary hospitals by surgery. There are women who are affected but are not willing to talk about this due to stigma and financial difficulties.

Let’s encourage our women to give birth at facilities that provide skilled delivery and also provide emergency obstetric care.

Midwives should manage all births skillfully using the patograph as a guide. Refer promptly where necessary to prevent some of these complications.

The sad part of this is that most of these happen in developing world especially rural areas where our Healthcare system is not that strong! Educate your loved ones about this! #Share

Let’s end obstetric fistula!
Remember there is help out there for every woman who suffers this! THANKS


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