A midwife has an integral role in the care of women and this cannot be over emphasized. The midwife who cares for you during pregnancy will definitely reflect in the outcome of your pregnancy whether positively or negatively

The ability of the midwife to be able to identify problems, diagnose and where necessary refer you to the appropriate unit will go a long way to prevent complications and mortality.

An Ideal midwife is one who is knowledgeable and passionate about what she does knowing and values the lives of women and their unborn babies.

An ideal midwife has the time to listen and help you identify all your health needs. She will help you make an informed decision and not impose any idea on you.  Your comfort, safety, and privacy are important areas to her

She keeps contact of clients that are likely to default and high risk clients. She will make sure she calls and follows up on them.

I will urge all women to seek help from midwives who are ready to listen and help. If your midwife does not have the time to listen, answer your questions and provide support that you need during pregnancy, labor and delivery. Look elsewhere. Find one who will listen and support you. Its your life!

Let’s end the needless maternal deaths!


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