One common question most expectant mums ask, is whether it’s ok to sleep on the right, left side, or the back.

Though the left side is mostly recommended. Sleeping on your right side has also been found to be safe.

🔴It’s best to assume a comfortable position during pregnancy

🔴In your first trimester when your bump is still small. You can sleep on your back

🔴As your bump grows and your weight increases you need to assume a position that will be comfortable to you and the baby.

🔴 Sleeping on your back is no more recommended once your bump grows and your weight increases especially in your second and third trimester

🔴It’s best to sleep on your side. You can sleep either on your right side or the left side. Change positions to make you comfortable when need be.

🔴Support your self with enough pillows to make you comfortable

🔴Your bed should be firm enough to prevent backache

🔴Sleeping on your back will reduce the blood flow to you and your baby. It can also lead to fainting as well. The weight of the baby occludes blood vessels in the abdomen.

🔴If you wake to realize you are lying on your back, quickly adjust to sleep on your side.



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