When a baby is born the color is expected to be pink. This can be seen in the skin color of the baby at birth.

If at birth baby is given to you and skin color looks is yellowish , which can be seen in the eye, palm and in the sole of the feet of the new born. It is important to inform the midwife immediately for treatment. The yellowish discoloration is also known as jaundice.

In some instances jaundice can be seen after 24 hours of birth and mum notices this at home. Most jaundice will clear within 1 to 2 weeks. But mum will have to breast feed more. Exposing baby to the sun ray through a window for about 15 minutes, 4 times daily can also be helpful.

High level of bilirubin in the blood of the baby can cause brain damage. It is therefore necessary to visit the hospital to verify whether it will gradually clear or child will need additional care, usually Phototherapy or Exchange blood transfusion in very severe cases.

Early detection saves life.

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