A distressed mum warn new mums.

Hi new moms please becarful of who baths your babies. Could you believe I went to take my bath and when I came back my baby was crying heavily and her head was shaking so I asked what happened, all my mother in-law could tell me was she has used rub to massage my one week old baby ohh… hmm… the head shaking continued crying… Eii! Sunday afternoon we rushed her to hospital and now we have been admitted please becareful who assist you in taking care care of your baby.

🔴Let’s discuss this controversial and sensitive topic. This is really heart breaking. Here is what you should know about a babys skull

🔴 A baby’s skull at birth is different from that of an adult.

🔴For the baby’s head to conveniently pass through the birth canal, during birth of a baby at term, the bones of the fetal skull can overlap each other since some portions are still membranes are not oscified completely as seen in the image below. (Fontanelles)

🔴The soft parts of the fetal skull are membranes between the fetal skull bones called sutures. The sutures meet to form the fontanelles. One in front and one at the back of the head. Which can be felt with our fingers if we palpate the fetal skull.

New borns are delicate

🔴After the baby is born, it takes some time for the fontanelles made up of soft membranes to get hardened/oscified and completely become like that of an adult.

🔴Let’s talk about the two main fontanelles/holes we have on a baby’s head.

🔴All will close/ ossify as baby grows and develop. The anterior fontanelle closes by 18 to 24 months while the one at the back/posterior fontanelle will close/ossify by 6 weeks.

🔴The babys brain also continues to develop and this is very important.

🔴It means that we do not need to try to force the holes/fontanelles to close by using hot water, applying ointments and all that. Some can even enter the babys head through the skin since the skin is still permeable.

🔴Moulding the babies head with hotwater/rub is not helpful to new borns. Even as adults we do not do this to our selves? How much more a baby with brain still developing. You may end up doing more harm than good.Some even end up with burns….Unacceptable right?

What we can do….

✔️Attend antenatal appointments, take prescribed medications, and eat nutritious meals during pregnancy and after birth to produce enough breast milk.

✔️Remember nutrition is key when it comes to the formation of fetal skull. Avoid unprescribed drugs and treat infections promptly

✔️If your babies fontanelles are not closed within the time frame stated above… Speak to your doctor/midwife…..It’s not because you didn’t use hot water… You child needs to be seen by a doctor or pediatrician.

Not every one should bath your baby. And always be around to watch what is being done to your baby.

Let’s stop this act of head moulding. Nine months of pregnancy and labor is not easy. This is very unfair to the newborn and very unacceptable!!!

Massaging a new born baby if not done properly can lead to even breaking their fragile bones(cartilage). Internal organs can also be damaged.

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