During pregnancy situations may still arise when you need to travel from one place to another. It could be to go to school, a business journey, conference, medical reasons among others

During pregnancy always make sure traveling is very much needed and a priority before  doing so. In some cases where it can be postponed or canceled kindly do to reduce your stress. If it’s needed to take that journey, Here are a few things you should consider :

Travel when you are fit
  • Travel with your antenatal record book. In an emergency they will refer to it quickly and give you the needed care. It can tell health workers your immediate health needs. It can also save costs since you may have already done some laboratory investigations
  • Communicate with your doctor or midwife to know if it’s safe to travel that distance
  • The car or the means of transport should be comfortable. You should be able to turn and stretch your body as well.
  • Take lots of water along to stay hydrated
  • To avoid hunger you can have some nuts, biscuits or fruits to eat while traveling to keep you stable.
  • Travel with a support person or build rapport with those around around you so they can support you when need be
Travel with a support person when need be.
  • The best time to travel is when you are in your second trimester and you feel better. Don’t travel when you are sick.
  • Be sure the environment you are traveling to has a hospital facility
  • It’s best to travel during the day so that in case of any eventuality you can get the help you need
  • If you are traveling by flight verify with the airline what you should do and their policy or expectations for pregnant women.

In conclusion, do not wait till labor sets in or you have a complications before traveling. Travel before 36 weeks of pregnancy. After 36 weeks you should be resting waiting for your delivery.

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