“When labor set in I went immediately to the hospital. I knew it was the right thing to do. When we arrived, I was examined, I was fine my baby was also checked and the midwife reassured me that the baby is also fine.

Things were going well initially. My cervix dilated till I was 6 cm and it stopped dilating. After four hours they checked and it was still 6 cm. I wondered why it was so. I was in so much pain and anxious

I began to scream that they take me for a caesarian section, but my plea was not listened to. Instead I was told to wait until they have tried all other means.

Finally they decided to check on my baby. They realized my baby was in distress. They now agreed to send me to the theater. At this point, it was midnight. There was no doctor to have the emergency caesarian section. I had to wait till the following morning around 4am when a doctor was available.

The emergency caesarian section was done, but my baby could not make it. He was born very weak and almost breathless. After a short while he died. My heart is broken. I have two daughters and he was a boy. That should have been my last baby. I don’t know what to do. “(ANONYMOUS MUM)

Let’s talk about delays in our hospital facilities. After nine months of carrying a baby, going through all the stress and having no complications, you go to our facilities and due to lack of preparedness and lack of the needed personnel to care for you, all your efforts for the past nine months become vain.

Communication is key

This situation is unacceptable and really sad. It’s high time we make women’s health a priority in our country

Emergency obstetric care should be readily available to prevent maternal and neonatal deaths.

Hospitals should have enough doctors, nurses and midwives to attend to emergencies at all times.

Women should be listened to when they are in labor. Their views should be respected. They own their bodies and their instincts should be taken into consideration.

In choosing a hospital for delivery, choose a hospital that has basic things put in place, emergency services, good referral system, staff who are kind and compassionate . Above all you should be listened to. You should be involved in your care.

Some of these things are basic and highly preventable.

No woman should die bringing life into the world!

Babies should be given a chance to live!

Let’s end the needless maternal deaths!

Share your birth story with me.


  1. This is a very unfortunate situation. I have always been an advocate for all inclusive obstetric care facilities. One that has everything including theater and runs 24hrs services with all team members on board. This kind of problems mostly arise as a result of facilities where all of these services are not available leading to lack of promptness in decision making. At times, even after the decision has been made, further delays occur because all team members are not at post .
    We can do better as healthcare providers and we should also know our limits.
    Maternal deaths are unacceptable and so is death of a baby after nine months of pregnancy
    My sincerest condolences to this woman

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