That day when I heard women encouraging each other, “its OK to get pregnant after a short while if you had a previous cesarean section”….. I realized how needful this information was and how we risk our lives as women without realizing it.

I was in shock, do they understand? … After seeing lots of women have uterine rupture and complications due to this.

In Ghana women who have undergone two previous caesarian sections are not allowed to try a vaginal birth, this is because there is a possibility of the scar from previous surgery bleeding.

Sometimes severe contractions can cause uterine rupture. This can cost the live of both mum and baby due to the severe bleeding. It is therefore encouraged that women with two or more previous c/s always have another planned cesarean section.

If a woman had one previous c/s it’s best to wait for a period of two years so your body can recover from its stress then depending on your present health condition your doctor can allow you try a vaginal birth.

The wound will also heal properly first. A #familyplanning method will be suitable to help you wait for that period.
If you get pregnant before two years after c/s. It is termed “short Interval”. In this case you will have to have another planned c/s.Going into labor can cause uterine rupture which can be fatal to mum and baby.

During pregnancy your doctor will as well monitor closely and deliver you when term.

Always talk to a health professional if you need help.

Caution Don’t wait to go into labor if you had two previous c/s or “short Interval”.

If you had any other previous surgery or procedure even if it’s not related to birth. Always tell your midwife /doctor about it.

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