For many women, once they do a home pregnancy test and it’s positive, they conclude they are pregnant and all is well.

This is not always the case. In some instances the sac in which the baby will be formed will form, but no embryo is formed.

At times, the embryo stops developing and its reabsorbed into the body. The sac will continue to develop till a point usually around 12 to 13 weeks when the body will realize that there is no baby.

You will begin to have cramps and start spotting. Miscarriage will eventually occur

Most women will argue that since the pregnancy test they did is positive and they still have symptoms like nausea, breast tenderness etc, they are pregnant.

The reason is this, the hormone responsible for pregnancy Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), which is detected during pregnancy is also present and produced even if there is no embryo. It helps the sac to develop to a point when the body detects it.

In conclusion , know that you can test positive for home pregnancy test, but it could be an empty sac. Some times even ectopic gestation. Some conditions even causes HCG to go high, meanwhile you are not pregnant. HCG will be positive.

Always make sure your pregnancy is always confirmed by your doctor.

Don’t rely on a home pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy

If you are not sure of your diagnosis, you can always seek a second opinion. Some doctors will let you wait a little if they are not sure to see if embryo will be seen after some time.

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