That day I met a lady who told me “I take alcohol to control my morning sickness” then I knew, taking alcohol during pregnancy is more serious than I thought.

Take a very close look at the picture above. This is exactly what happens when a pregnant woman takes in Alcohol. It goes straight to the baby and it gets its fair share of the alcohol.

Have you imagined an unborn child still forming in the womb taking alcohol for development. Even in our society watch our men and women who abuse alcohol, it’s written all over them you don’t need to be told. That is exactly what happens to the babies as well. They come with features of fetalAlcoholicSyndrome !!!

Women who abuse alcohol during pregnancy are less likely to take good care of themselves or to eat nutritious meals.

It can result in malnutrition, anemia and increase your susceptibility to illness.

Babies born to mothers who consume alcohol during pregnancy may end up with permanent brain damage and behavioral problems.

How much is safe? No amount of alcohol is considered safe during pregnancy. Avoid alcohol during pregnancy. Remember the outcome of your pregnancy depends greatly on what you take in!! Talk to a midwife or a counselor if you need help.

It’s needful that women preparing to get pregnant, cut down on alcohol consumption and also put a stop to it. It’s even better if your spouse also reduces alcohol consumption to improve quality of sperm produced.

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