Its the dream of most mums to have vaginal delivery and experience how it feels.

Doctors recommend it as well and will not recommend a caesarian section for convenience purposes.

There is always a reason a doctor will recommend a caesarian section. Some are listed below

  1. Big baby
  2. Placenta previa or abruptio
  3. Breech Birth
  4. Respiratory distress in the fetus
  5. Severe pre eclampsia induced hypertension
  6. Prolonged labor
  7. Obstructed labor
  8. Failed induction
  9. Multiple Gestation
  10. Previous caesarian sections to avoid uterine rapture.

If your doctor recommends that you do a caesarian section for your safety and that of the baby, if you have doubts always go for a second opinion from a reliable doctor or hospital.

Always remember the aim of pregnancy is for you to have a successful pregnancy, give birth to a healthy baby and recover as well.

One other thing! At labor no matter how your pregnancy was easy, things can change and a caesarian section will be needed to save you and your baby . Be open minded and decide as fast as you can. At that moment every minute counts. Talk about this with your partner even If you are expecting a vaginal birth so you don’t delay in decision making.

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