So let me tell you what inspired me to write this. I heard a mum complaining bitterly how her own daughter threw her things out of her home to leave and go back to her place of abode!!! She had delivered a child and she joyfully went there to help her with her new born… She disgracefuly went back to her home.

A year later daughter is sick and it is this same mother who was disgracefuly thrown out who is by her bedside!!!! Hmmmmm A mother’s love.

My point is we can communicate with those who are there to help us when we need them the most. Our mothers, our mother in laws, aunties etc. All we need to do is to plan and communicate well.

After delivery except you are a super woman you need someone to help you till you have recovered fully. We all understand the economic situation won’t allow for people to stay too long. So just plan. In the first 6 weeks. If both mothers want to come.. Kindly tell them exactly how long you need them. It could be two weeks each or more. So they know after this period of time they are going back to their homes respectfully

Let’s learn to appreciate those who leave their homes, farms and husbands just to give us a helping hand. After birth you need rest, good food and comfort for all the stress you went through during pregnancy.

Don’t lie to your self and be that super woman you are not. You will only end up breaking down.

Plan and have people assist you and never take these people for granted! No matter what it’s just for a few days they are staying tolerate them and stop saying “I don’t like it when someone does something for me”. My sister it’s only for about 6 weeksoooo… You need this rest. Humans were made to support each other. You can’t live in Isolation.

Before they come get your home prepared, space for them, enough food and let them know exactly what you expect from them. They are there to help. If things are not going the way you expect go about it respectfully. It’s just a season.

In conclusion choose who you will be your support person well, so you don’t end up in a way that is unpleasant.. You may need them again.


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