1. Tiredness… You need to slow down. You could be tired. Get some rest. Rest between your activities and let someone help you.
  2. Dehydration… You need to take more water and fluids to keep you well hydrated
  3. Malaria… Headache during pregnancy could also be as a result of another disease or malaria. You need to check it up
  4. Pre-eclampsia…. Severe persistent headache that does not resolve even after resting or taking some analgesics can be as a result of pre eclampsia. Check your blood pressure as well as your urine protein immediately at the hospital.
  5. Emotional Stress: Worry can cause you to have headaches. Get counseling if you need it. Try as much as possible to keep a healthy relationship with the people around you.
  6. Hunger: Not eating or taking your meal on time can cause headaches during pregnancy. Always eat on time and keep nuts, biscuit, or fruits. Eat then in between meals to prevent nausea, hunger which may result in headache.
  7. Hygiene : Poor personal hygiene can result in headaches. Bath, wear clean clothes and always make sure your hair is well kept. Wash hair at least every two weeks.

8:Poor ventilation.. Not having enough oxygen can cause you to be uncomfortable resulting in headache. Make sure your room or the space you work has adequate fresh air.

Anytime you have headache during pregnancy, here are a few things to check. Rest, take enough water, have a bath to refreshen up and eat as well.

Persistent headache is a danger sign of pregnancy! Call your doctor or midwife immediately

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