A 35-year-old mother-of-four, who is a COVID-19 patient in the Ashanti Region, has safely delivered a baby girl at the Kumasi South Hospital.

The delivery happened Sunday dawn.

Both the mother and child are safe, sources familiar with the situation told Class News’ Gemma Appiah.

The mother was admitted on 23 April 2020 after testing positive for COVID-19.

Doctors and nurses are monitoring them in case of any needed intervention.

It’s important to know that women suffering from covid-19 can go to term and deliver safely

Since the virus was diagnosed in Ghana, it has affected many people including the vulnerable population.

Being pregnant does not reduce your risk of being infected with the virus.

Pregnant women should maintain the same safety precautions as the general population.

1.  Frequent hand washing
2. Avoid sick people
3. Using of facemask
4. Take your prescribed medications and go for check up
5. Take lots of water
6. Vitamin C is also helpful
7. Rest
8. Report immediately if you have any sign or symptom. Coughing, fever, diarrhea, difficulty in breathing etc

The world health organization has given guidelines for breastfeeding in patients who have been diagnosed of COVID-19. They should breastfeed but mum should take the necessary measures to prevent infecting the baby.

Babies born to women with covid-19 are free from the virus, but must be protected from acquiring it. Research so far has not seen the virus in amniotic fluid.

The case count in Ghana has increased to 1,550, the Ghana Health Service said on Sunday, April 26 2020.

Of the 271 new cases, 75 were detected through routine surveillance and 196 through enhanced contact-tracing.

Greater Accra Region – 1,347, Ashanti Region – 69, Eastern Region – 57, Oti Region – 17, Central Region – 17, Northern Region – 13, Volta Region – 10, Upper West Region – 8, Upper East Region – 8, North-East Region – 2, Western Region – 1 and Western North Region – 1.



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