Well, well, well… Ladies when I hear women saying “after birth, that same day I was washing, cooking even going to the farm” ,I laugh .
Sure you are certainly asking why I laugh.

Because I get to see the other side of its effect in the hospital.

After birth your aim should not be to please society.Your main aim is to help your body heal and regain back your lost strength.

Some women go to the extend of saying “As for me I don’t like people helping me. So even if they did a caesarian section, they get home and try to do everything! To be a super woman!

Sister, why? Listen your body needs rest. At least for the first six weeks let someone help or assist you. Its extremely important.

Women who do not get help or refuse help end up reporting with conditions like post partum depression, high Blood Pressure, explained sickness,Infact they don’t heal properly.

Nine months of carrying your baby is no joke, your body has gone through a lot. At least for the first six weeks, get help. Basically rest, walk to be mobile, breast feed your baby, limit visitors and get some rest. You can also do some passive exercise as well as eat some nutritious meals.

Let me tell you after giving birth it is not over! #Recovery is key! Some women even die due to this little things. It’s not a time to impress society or any one. You need rest and help to recover.

I remember my friend who had to flee from her mum inlaws house to her family due to the workload and the pressure placed on her. She was supposed to be super woman. Just after birth she had to be cooking for the whole family, bath baby and keep the home. Whilst every one looked on. Finally she realized how she was getting depressed, ill and uneasy. She fled to her family where she got some help and started to recover.

Finally note that not everyone is helpful! Choose the right people after birth to help you.
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  1. Pls when is it advisable to use waist trainers and to start with your normal work at home after a c-section.

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