I have severe pains and contractions but my midwife said, I should wait till my cervix dilates. Can you explain this to me?

Having severe pains doesn’t mean you should push the baby out!

When labor sets in you get severe contractions which can be felt on your abdomen, it becomes hard to feel and comes with pain and back ache. This contractions help the opening of the uterus (cervix) to open. It opens gradually and with time. The more strong, longer and closer the contractions are, the likelihood of the cervix opening also increases.

Vaginal examination is done four hourly to determine the the dilatation, which is measured in centimeters. From 1cm to 10cm. It takes averagely an hour for each cm dilatation. At 10cm the cervix will be fully taken up and baby can be born without problems . Pushing or bearing down before the cervix is fully dilated can cause cervical tear which is difficult to repair.

In new mums labor lasts longer than women who have already delivered.

In some cases contractions can be adequate but cervix dilatation may not correspond. It leads to prolonged labor or fetal distress. Other measures are put in place to hasten birth or an emergency caesarian section in done.

Remember to stay hydrated and Cooperate with your midwife. Do not push through an undilated cervix. Communicate with your midwife through out the process.

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