Let’s have a passionate talk. There is this trend where women are told to hide pregnancy and even wait till 4 or 5 months before starting antenatal.

Hmm… In modern times when I hear this I get shocked some women still hold to this views.

Let’s me tell you the truth as it is. Maternal mortality has reduced as compared to what we had in the olden days. Most of them did not have access to scan, and good health care system.

Am not saying we are there yet, but it has been better than before. The reason is this!

Today as we speak after you get pregnant you do a scan that will tell you exactly whether your baby is in utero, our mothers didn’t have this! If it’s in the fallopian tube or any where else it will be seen and something can be done to prevent a raptured ectopic which can be very fatal

Ectopic Gestation

Ask yourself if you wait till four months before taking your first scan, and it is ectopic what will happen? Women have lost their lives due to this. Will you allow this to happen to you when a scan is readily available and all this can be prevented? No! Never be a victim!

Mothers who do not start antenatal early pose a great danger to themselves and their baby’s. Don’t forget that once you start several laboratory investigations will be done and if there is a problem, it will be treated as soon as possible to prevent complications.

Ask any midwife who will like to tell you the truth. We get women in worse conditions because she was waiting to get to 4 months or 5 months before coming for antenatal. Some even present with severe uncontrolled blood pressure, various infections etc

Whilst waiting and trying to hide your pregnancy you may even be doing more harm, since you may not have even started taking your recommended folic acid and haematenics.

Let’s be truthful to ourselvesĀ  the earlier you start antenatal, do an early scan, laboratory investigations and start your prescribed medication, the better!!!

In this modern day, let’s not hold to the old tales that were not helpful!!! Thank you.

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