Have you ever wondered how you survived 9 months in your mums womb!

Thanks to this magical organ which forms when a woman gets pregnant.

It serves as a connection between mum and baby.

It has three parts, the maternal surface that attaches to the mothers womb, the fetal surface which faces the baby and the cord which contains a vein and two arteries that transport oxygen, nutrients and other needed substances.

The placenta during pregnancy attaches to the upper part of the uterus. It produces hormones that help to maintain pregnancy.

The placenta at a point during pregnancy, when baby is fully matured may stop functioning effeciently. It is important that all pregnant women do not allow their pregnancy to go beyond 42 weeks gestation. At 41 weeks you and your doctor should decide mode of delivery if labor has still not set in.

It can also have problems like placenta previa where placenta, is not in the right location. It can cause problems, but can be managed

After delivery placenta is birthed. A retained placenta or portion remaining after delivery can cause bleeding. Report to the hospital immediately you have severe bleeding after delivery.

After delivery, some cultures have different ways of handling it. If requested, it will be given to you under hygienic conditions. You decide what to do with it as your culture permits.

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