Today I bring you real story’s. Home accidents are real. The sad truth is that most of these can be prevented with just a little caution. Here are some real life stories

A mum who prepares soap locally leaves caustic soda openly at home in a container that looks like water bottle. Her child who is thirsty takes it and drinks… It results in destroying childs oesophagus. She cannot swallow any more he needs a surgery…. What if she just kept it safe and just away from the reach of her child

Mum prepares hot water for bathing children, without mixing it leave it on the floor with out supervision. Child goes and pours the hot water on her self…. Mix water in the kitchen. Never leave hot water where your children are

A child goes to play in an unsafe unenvironment without supervision, he sees a fault electric socket touches it and he gets electrocuted. Let repair faulty electrical appliances and always supervise children during play

A mum who always does make up in front of her daughters, leaves super glue in the room. Daughter takes it and apply it to her eyes thinking she is also doing makeup. She nearly lost both eyes. Thanks to the medical team that responded quickly

A boy takes a coin or a button swallows it. Some put the buttons in their nose, ears or mouth. The sad aspect if it enters the respiratory tract and causes suffocation. Child can die in few minutes. Keep coin, small buttons away from children

A mother who is a seamtresss who leaves her needles and pins in the reach of children. Child takes one and swallows it imagine what happens after wards… Keep children away from your working area.

The farming season is worse with children drinking different agro chemicals since it was exposed to them and put in pure water bottles… We need to sit up please!!!

Our kitchen should not be a play ground to our children. Our floors should always be dry and Children should always play under supervision.

Medications should be locked up in a safe place where children cannot get asess to!

I got motivated to write this when I passed through the accident center of a main hospital in Accra. The incident I met never left me. Babies, toddlers with burns…. All these are scenarios I witnessed personally. Home accidents are real….. #Share and subscribe to my blog.

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