Right after my midwifery education one of the questions I asked my self was why will women prefer to have babies at home than in a hospital? I asked this during an antenatal class with an open mind.
The answers started coming up and the most prominent among them was birthpositions.

Most of them said they will come for antenatal but as for giving birth, they prefer to give birth at home since they will be allowed to assume any positions that they are comfortable with during the birth process…. Sitting, squatting, even standing etc

Most of our facilities have no options for our mums except to lie on your back which may only be convenient for the midwife or doctor.

We know the facts! why are we not giving our women options, why are our labor wards not made to promote privacy and encourage support persons to be around their laboring wives, sister or friends?  Why are there no options for other birth positions?

Simple squats

When a woman gives birth in an upright position, the pelvis is more open, birth is more faster and birth trauma is significantly reduced. Giving birth on your back reduces the pelvic cavity by almost a significant 30%. Why are we rather stuck with this option.

It’s high time our birthing centers are made to suit the individual needs of women in our communities.

Change is possible! Advocacy is key! Let’s make our voices heard. #Share till our stake holders and policy makers get to notice!
We can end the needless complications that occur at birth if we make hospital delivery safe and friendly!!!

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