Mum 1…Good morning . I’m still wondering if ante-natal and post natal counselling is given.
I had an episiotomy before a vaginal delivery. It’s been abt 5yrs now but I still haven’t got over it. It has had a toll on my ‘initimate’ life.
Guess expectant mothers can be counselled regarding such likely procedures during delivery, healing process and how to overcome the likely psychological effect.

mum 2
I had a serious vaginal tear which wasn’t sutured properly cos de tear wasn’t straight n de workload of de midwife at dat night was many so she was in a hurry. It took me more than 6wks fr the wound to heal and ma problem now is de wound left a scar n anytime i Ve sex there is always a sharp small tear on de scar which is very painful

During Child birth many women especially first time mums are given a cut within the perineum to expedite birth for various reasons. It is important to educate yourself about episiotomy before your labor sets in. Especially self care and pain management after the procedure.
Though it is helpful in some cases some women have been left with complications that affect their quality of life especially their sex life. There is no need to hide this and suffer in silence.

Location of an episiotomy

Talk to a gynecologist or a surgeon if you are having problems with its healing process or having a toll on your life.

Always include this in your birth as to whether you want the procedure to be done or not. It is not and should not be a routine. Ask your midwife how you can prepare your perineum to prevent tears and episiotomy.

Hope my colleague Midwives will do this procedure only when it is very necessary and not routinely. Let’s educate our clients well during antenatal and after the procedure to minimize its complications

Thanks. Until our voices are heard there will be no change. Share with a friend or midwife we need some more education on this. Thanks

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