Good evening house my chest is heavy with an issue..please the expectant mums here please and please again kindly take your antenatal visits seriously.

There are reasons why you are scheduled to visit your midwife or health care providers and if for some reason you couldn’t make it try as  much as possible to see them within the shortest possible time…the fact that you do antenatal visits in bolgatanga doesn’t mean you cannot attend antenatal at Kumasi if you find yourself at these places during different times.

The rate at which the we are loosing expectant mums and their unborn babies is heartbreaking. And to the husband’s out here please try as much as possible to attend antenatal with your wives.

Expectant mums should please listen to their midwives and health care providers and stop practicing what other expectant mums did during their periods of pregnancy.

If a pregnant colleague tells you “ooo as for me when I go into labour I stay home for a while before going to the hospital and as soon as I get there I deliver to avoid all the stress of vaginal examination and other monitoring ” please don’t do same.

You are asked to come in as soon as you realise the true signs of labour are setting in.We just lost a mother and child because she stayed home until she was fully dilated before reporting to the hospital and after delivery she started bleeding like no ones business only to do all managements and realise she has had a #ruptured uterus which wasn’t obvious on the abdomen.I have written enough but please you people are precious to us .Please value your lives and that of your unborn.

Credit @MidwifeSetina

Glad we are gradually adding our voices. Maternaldeaths are unacceptable!!! Share with a sister

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