Not being able to conceive and keep pregnancy after my marriage was the least I expected considering I had actually given birth to twins 11yrs ago .

Here I was struggling to conceive and when I did take it I couldn’t keep it beyond 8weeks.
My marriage itself is a miracle in every sense and I so desperately needed to bear a child for my husband who loved me and my twins so much my words cannot describe.
From self medications, herbal concoctions, several tests,ranging from hormonal treatments , HSG,Hydrotubation,IUI,from doctor to doctor,nothing worked.

As desperate as I was my husband was always calm and reassuring.Fast forward 2018 ICGC 40days and Greater works we took part,and i would pass by our church auditorium early mornings after dropping my twins and just sleep on the altar.just praying amidst tears.

‘Lord,I’ve served you,where did I go wrong,you gave me children,not one but twins when I was so young and not ready to have them. You gave me a second chance at life and given me a man who loves and honours me,why would you withhold a child from us.’

That same month of August God came through for us.For the first time in 4 years after marriage I took it beyond 8weeks.From intermittent bleeding as early as 16weeks to preterm contractions from 28weeks,and all the complications that Came God has been so faithful.

A year ago by this time my doctor walked in and said Joe we have to take you in at 3pm,my heart skipped.’oh don’t worry ,sure be back in 45minutes .’You’re in good hands.

Yes I was in Good hands God got me amazing team of Doctors,surgery for 45minutes turned out to be 3hours,
They couldn’t take out our baby because some of my internal organs were attached to my uterus.After an hour the baby was out .and what ensued for 2hours,only heaven can tell. But God showed us mercy.

A week after this Victory,the battle was far from over, I was discharged home and had to go write my Final exams for my Masters program.i finished but came back home with a temperature of 39degrees ,rush to the hospital, they said Malaria?how possible, someone who had CS and then now malaria,(I still have my questions about that)hmm I was in the hospital another 4days before going home.

Two weeks after being discharged my tummy started to swell up as though I was pregnant again.i was in constant pain day and night,I couldn’t eat,let alone breastfeed or do anything,I went back to the hospital and was told its fibroids that couldn’t be removed during the surgery ,at a point they said it could be my kidneys..I called my Pastor who prayed with me and that same night ‘Pus Started oozing out from a tiny side of my surgical site.(abdominal Abscess),mind you my wound at this point showed no sign of infection externally.

what I went through words cannot explain.But God saw me through.Being alive today is nothing short of a Miracle.And I am grateful to God

Be not discouraged if you are trusting God for anything, the process is painful but be assured God has got you and you are in Good hands.
He sure makes all things beautiful in His time

Babies are always a blessing

Sally, It’s important that women seeking the fruit of the womb not only resort to the spiritual aspect, but also seek care from gynecologist. Many problems related to fertility can be resolved medically. Don’t stop praying, but keep praying as you pray seek care from a gynecologist

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