Many women especially New mums get worried about the size of their abdomen.  Always asking their health care providers am 18, 20, or 24 weeks but my abdomen is too small and worried about it. The question is does it really Matter? What is normal? When should you be concerned?

During pregnancy the midwife will continue to measure the growth of your uterus using a tape measure and where she finds that it does not correspond with the gestational age will do further investigations to know if all is well.

A big abdomen does not always guarantee a healthy pregnancy. It can rather be an indication for other conditions. Several factors can contribute to that, twin gestation, fluid, fat etc

What is important is for you to have a healthy weight and baby in good condition.
If your doctor /midwife has not raised concern about the size of your abdomen. Continue a healthy lifestyle to get a better outcome.  Nutritious meals, exercise, taking your medication, rest etc

Health baby is the ultimate of pregnancy

A big abdomen is not the aim of a healthy pregnancy.
Women who have never given birth have their abdominal muscles still strong and therefore makes it look smaller. It should not be a reason for panic. We only get worried if you have been diagnosed of fetal growth restriction.

Just make sure you always go for antenatal classes and if there is a deviation from normal you will be alerted and the necessary interventions given.
Don’t be worried about your bump because someone’s is bigger than yours, what if she has twins or has a condition you are not aware of.

Talk to your midwife if you feel your abdomen is not growing the way you expect! But as I said a big abdomen does not guarantee a healthy pregnancy. Thanks

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