After I read NanaAdjoa’s, advice on how to make labor and delivery easy!It confirmed exactly what we encourage our women to do in our various facilities. Her story is not different from mine.

I walk a lot during pregnancy as well as do some other activities to keep me active and healthy. I have no idea of what it means to be in labor for long hours and days. No never! Let’s learn from her story.

I started walking to everywhere I needed to go from my 7th month. Continued with squatting latter part of my 8th month going. The very day I saw the show, I took my bath and decided to pack my things to the hospital.

Excercise during pregnancy to stay healthy

Whilst sitting on my bed and packing I just slept off without knowing. I woke up the next day 7:00am. U can imagine the look on my face that morning. I then took my bag and walked to the hospital. Got there and told the  midwives labour has set in so I’m in to deliver.

They were doubting cos I looked too strong but they still attended to me and confirmed it was labour and it had opened to 4cm or so. I had to walked to and fro in doing my final labs. Went to sit at the hospital’s canteen, ate some plenty waakye with hot shito and drunk one full big size voltic water and finally entered the labour ward.

Felt like pooping and vomiting the same time so I had to scream for a midwife to attend to me. The moment she got to me she just screamed “Ei ur baby’s head is almost out”. My 1st push was poopoo, 2nd push baby’s head out and the 3rd push baby’s whole body was out. After a short while , I was home preparing light soup to drink. I never experienced that thing called labour pain. God is Good. May His name forever be praised

NB…You may have certain conditions that may not allow you to have regular walks and exercise. Speak to your doctor /midwife about the activities you can do.

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