Did you know that male involvement during pregnancy can help improve the outcome of pregnancy? Pregnancy without support is not easy!!! Risk of complications is even high.

During one of my antenatal sessions, a man who came along was able to tell us all that his wife did and couldn’t do during pregnancy. Meanwhile the woman said all is well. Assuming she came alone. We would not have¬† given her the care she needed since she could not communicate effectively with us.

Helping your partner to stay emotionally stable is also necessary during pregnancy. Help her to stay happy. Reduce her stress by helping in any way you can. It is not the time to trouble her with other relationships

During delivery be with your wife. Plan her birth with her and get involved in any way you can. Your presence will make a huge difference. You can be her advocate at the facility.

Reminding her to take her prescribed medications, going for her antenatal appointment and eating nutritious meals can make a difference.

Excercise with her and protect her from people who will make her emotionally unstable.

Above all provide her needs and make her feel loved and supported!!! The bond between you even gets better and stronger if you support your pregnant partner.
Pregnancy can be easy, fun and memorable if women are supported by the partners or support person!!!

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