It’s a fact, most women are in a state of fear and panic immediately they realize they are pregnant. Yes! Instead of the joy of bringing life into the world, we have mixed feelings. We don’t trust our health system. Our lives hang in a balance.

In my recent home visits to clients, women were not concerned about how to care for themselves during pregnancy or how to stay healthy. The main concern was fear of the unknown.

Some shared bizzare birth stories they have heard from people as well as their own experience. I understand them. Even as a midwife, I was extremely careful during pregnancy. Fear of the unknown was my greatest concern.

But In the midst of all these there is hope. These are some of the few things you can do to stay safe!

  1. Once you realize you are pregnant, know you are special to the community and yourself. Start antenatal on time. Don’t wait for too long
  2. Choose your hospital carefully. Know their staff and be sure they provide emergency obstetric care if need be.
  3. Always go to the facility with a support person who can advocate for you in case of anything.
  4. Learn about pregnancy and any condition that you have during pregnancy. Example pre eclampsia, diabetes, sickle cell etc
  5. Don’t miss your appointments and cooperate with your health care providers. If you don’t understand anything or in doubt, seek a second opinion from another facility
  6. Know what is going on at all times your Blood pressure, Haemoglobin level etc.
  7. Save some money for emergencies
  8. Don’t assume you are in the hospital so all is fine. Ask questions, know exactly what is going on. Due to large numbers you may be forgotten at times
  9. If you have pregnancy complications report early don’t wait for it to get worse
  10. Hospitals should always be ready for emergencies and have good refferal systems

Finally and most important, Government and stake holders should resource our hospitals with staff to reduce the pressure on health workers.

Health workers should dedicate and commit themselves to work. This will also help reduce some of the Maternal deaths!

What are your thoughts. Share your story and experience as well.

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