One of the commonest concerns of new mums is the flow of breast milk.

The common complain health workers get is my breastmilk is not flowing, what should I do?

Its important for every mum to know that before your baby is born, your body is ready to provide food. That’s how amazing God is! Food is ready before baby comes.
The first breastmilk the breast produces is called colustrum and can sometimes be expressed even before birth if breast examination is done for a pregnant woman.

After you have your baby the doctor / midwife will put baby to breast immediately within the first 30 minutes. You don’t need to see breast milk flowing before you do that.

Breastfeed your baby on demand

The secret here is that the more you breastfeed the more breastmilk is produced. That is how it has been designed.

So if you want to have more breastmilk, feed! feed! and feed! Feed baby on demand and it should be exclusive.

Once you add milk substitutes etc, your feeding time reduces and your body assumes that you do not need more. With time your breastmilk supply will reduce because you are not breastfeeding regularly

So the fact is that you need to stay hydrated and healthy whilst breastfeeding so you take more fluids, soups, drinks and nutritious meals.

But if you don’t give breastmilk more regularly, it’s of no use. Your supply will cut down since body assumes you don’t need more

Breastfeeding is an act that has to be learnt and properly done for best results. Seek help from your midwife or lactational consult where need be. If done right the result is always amazing.

Its nature’s perfect food for your baby!
So in conclusion the secret Is

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