The cord connects the baby to her mum in utero. It performs several functions including carrying oxygen and nutrients to the unborn baby for growth and development

Some factors like a long cord, polyhydramnios etc can cause the cord to wrap around the neck of the new born baby. Some causes are unknown and it can not be prevented during pregnancy

🔴The image describes exactly what happens when there is cord around the neck in Utero!

🔴If the baby’s body compresses the umbilical cord, it reduces blood flow to the baby and can cause asphyxia.

🔴It can intend cause still birth and complications if it’s very tight and not detected early.

🔴During vaginal delivery when a midwife detects cord around the neck of a baby she will make sure she takes steps to prevent the baby from getting asphyxia. She may call for help if need be.

🔴Baby may need some resuscitation after birth if asphyxia sets in.

🔴Cooperate with your midwife during delivery to avoid further complications.

For most babies with cord around the neck, it is loose and can be easily slipped over the baby’s head during delivery.

Once this is done the baby can be born safely without any complications. In few cases when it is very tight an emergency cesarean section can be done to prevent asphyxia and further birth complications.

Nuchal cord or cord around the neck cannot be prevented during pregnancy. It is usually detected during birth. For every birth once the head is delivered, the midwife uses her fingers around the neck to determine if there is a cord around the neck. If it’s loose she can easily slip it over the baby’s head.

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