My two months baby is exclusively breastfeeding. For a week now my baby hasn’t passed stools. I am worried. Could it be that my baby has constipated?

It’s interesting to know that babies who are exclusively breastfeeding rarely constipate.

Constipation can occur with the introduction of other breastmilk substitutes and weaning.

What usually happens is that they are able to use most of the nutrients that breast milk contains.

Breast milk contains more than 90 percent of water. It’s therefore not needed to add any water.

Baby’s have their own pattern when it comes to passing stools. Normal baby’s can pass seven to ten stools a day. It’s normal for some babies to pass stools daily or even after each feed.

Some babies pass stools weekly or every three days. Some weekly. In some cases every two weeks. This is considered normal for that baby. Most baby stools are yellowish and seedy.

What is needed is to study your baby and also know their pattern.If your baby’s stool pattern changes, that is when you should be concerned about it.

Example if your baby passes stool once in a week and it changes to become five times a day or more, you should be more concerned.

Do not give breastfeeding babies gripe water, cod liver oil whilst you are exclusively breastfeeding. They may end up causing more harm than good.

Continue to breastfeed your baby to help aid in bowel movement. Remember the more breast milk you give the better.

Report if there is a change in the normal stool pattern of your baby.

Remember breast milk is the baby’s perfect meal and has no equal substitute. If you have problems breastfeeding. Speak to your doctor about it.

It also contains all the required nutrients in the right proportion and readily available. It contains antibodies that prevent them from diseases as well. Don’t deny your baby this golden opportunity.

Mums should also watch what she eats as this may also affect the stool pattern of your baby. Foods eaten should be nutritious. If mother is on any medication, verify with your doctor to know if it affects breastfeeding in any way.

If the baby does not pass stool for more than two weeks. Please consult your midwife or doctor.

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