Throughout the week I have been bothered by this occurrence. Women refusing to take blood transfusion even at the point of death due to their religious beliefs.

We all have freedom of worship which we love and cherish, but in fact it has its limitations. As Midwives our greatest joy is to have women give birth without complications , but the fact is once in a while bleeding can occur and we may have no alternative than to transfuse to save life.

That is when our stress begins. When she tells you never! Live me to die! I will go to heaven if I die! Some will even write and sign! Infact at that point we suffer more than the client!!

Whether this is true or not is something I will like to know. We are losing women of child bearing age and this is disheartening.


1.If you are pregnant know that complications can occur at the time of delivery. Be prepared if you do not want to be transfused in fact get specialized care to get your Haemoglobin level to above 12g/dl.

2. Arrange with a midwife or gynaecologist who is skilled and comfortable with your decision for your birth

3. Ask for alternatives to blood transfusion and be prepared before labor sets in

4. Prepare a birth plan and state it clearly what should be done in an emergency situation

This is hard for me!
Religious bodies with the teaching that prevents members from taking blood transfusion should at least have a way of supporting their members. It’s hard but we need to speak about this. Who else faced this?  What can we do?
Let’s raise awareness !

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