Recognizing a sick baby is extremely important. Mothers should be aware of the signs and symptoms to look out for in new born babies.

Some of the indications of a sick baby are outlined below

High body temperature, above 37 degree Celsius (fever)

Vomiting. This could indicate a serious problem that needs treatment. Report to the hospital immediately.

Difficulty in breathing. Babies having difficulty in breathing will have reduced oxygen supply. It leads to cyanosis which can be seen in the extremities and even the skin. They become blue or pale. Report immediately to prevent complications


Seizure can occur in babies

Diarrhea-when there is a change in the pattern of the babies bowel movement. Frequent loose stools. Ask your doctor if you should be concerned. Some babys can pass 7 or more stools a day and it’s normal to them.

Fall on the ground or hard surface. There could be internal bleeding or some thing you may not notice from a fall. Check up to make sure all is well

Unexplained crying for long periods. When babies are uncomfortable they can communicate it through cry.

Jaundice or yellowish discoloration of the skin and eye. If identified report early to prevent complications

Bleeding circumcision or bleeding cord. Report immediately to prevent excessive blood loss which can lead to hypoxia, anemia and possibly death.

Lethargy-Baby is not active.

Hypothermia-baby’s body feels cold. Wrap baby well to keep them warm and report if it persists

Refusal to breastfeed or nurse.

Babies are very delicate ! Don’t try self medication at home. Send baby to the hospital as soon as possible!

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