This is exactly how your uterus looks like.

How will you take care of your uterus?

Let’s discuss. This organ carries your baby during pregnancy, menstruation and many other things a woman can’t do without….

This is what you should do to care for your uterus!

  1. Prevent infection by wearing clean cotton panties.
  2. Maintain strict perineal hygiene

3.Change pad frequently when menstruating

Baby in utero
  1. Avoid douching(inserting chemicals, and other substances into the vagina. Vagina is self cleansing)
  2. Eat nutritious meals, reduce processed foods and increase fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods.
  3. Plan your birth to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Talk to the family planning nurse
  4. Treat infections promptly. Infections can block your tubes that may result in infertility. You can also get sexually transmitted infection easily if you have an infection
  5. Get a pap smear and other necessary investigations done
  6. When pregnant go for antenatal and adhere to your midwives advice

10.Avoid unsafe abortions.. talk to your health care provider

  1. In case of any abnormal bleeding, fibroid etc. Consult your doctor. Avoid unprescribed medications and concoctions.


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