Most newborn babies are born with a perfect skin, well hydrated no rashes and having good skin color

Unfortunately some mums will return to the hospital after few days with their babies having skin rashes, dehydrated skin and sometimes jaundiced

One factor that contributes to the poor skin turgor in babies is not dressing the baby appropriately according to the weather

In Africa where we have a hot climate, it’s important to consider the weather when choosing your baby’s clothing

In warm weather baby wears a layer of dress

One clue to help you dress your baby is that if you feel cold, your baby is probably feeling cold as well. If you feel hot baby is probably feeling hot as well

Choose cotton dresses that are more comfortable for the baby. Dresses worn by babies should be dry. A wet dress can cause hypothermia or decrease in temperature

Baby should be properly covered. Clothes made from Cotton is preferable. Just one layer which suits our climate. Socks and a cap. Wrapped nicely in a cot sheet. Don’t add many clothes. It’s not needed with the weather we have here in Africa, Ghana.

Don’t wrap the baby with too many clothes. It can cause overheating leading to further complications. It also causes skin problems like heat rashes etc

A baby’s dress should be washed with mild soap and also rinsed with lots of water to prevent the baby’s skin from reacting with the chemicals in the soap.

Not to forget, with our weather here in Ghana please just wrap the baby with a cot sheet and that is enough. Except weather is very cold and it demands extra clothing

Continue to breastfeed exclusively for six months and avoid using harsh soaps on the baby’s skin.

Baby dress should be comfortable and not too tight on the baby

A baby who is not comfortable will be fussy and may cry as well

During cold weather make sure the baby is well covered, socks and a cap with probably some extra clothes to prevent hypothermia.

It’s important to maintain a clean environment and the room well ventilated. Report to the hospital if your baby has a high temperature or the body is extremely cold.

Share your thoughts. How did you ensure your baby was dressed in appropriate clothing.

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