It’s really sad to see women compete among themselves when it comes to child bearing.

I have encountered several women. It’s a sad situation. I have seen several women compete with their rivals, neighbors and even themselves.

I always thought it was a thing of the past until I experienced it in my line of duty. Women confirming they want more children just to be ahead of other women in their cycle or network. Some due to religious or cultural beliefs

At a point I was wondering whether what I was hearing was real or not? Do women still do these things? Women still compete on the number of children you can have to show your worth. This was news to me and at the same time shocking.
It’s also common to hear women who have no rivals competing with no one but themselves. “Let me hurry up and give birth to all my children in a short time so I will be free”. It’s not the best and it is not safe. You put undue stress and pressure on yourself especially if you don’t have any good support system. Your chances of getting complications during birth also increases if you do not space your children.
After having a baby, miscarriage or still birth, your focus should be on full recovery. This should be your priority. You cannot afford to risk your life unnecessarily. Your body needs to heal. For a new baby to be formed your body will need time to recover and restore its lost nutrients
There are so many complications that occur in relation to birth. Birth is a blessing but it should not be used as a tool to measure a woman’s worth!
In my practice I have seen women rush to get pregnant after a caesarian section which resulted in ruptured uterus since the uterus was not properly healed
There are so many complications that come with pregnancy and women should plan for pregnancy and also avoid unwanted pregnancies.
After birth it Is recommended that you wait for a period of two years so your body can heal.
Your baby can also grow well since the baby will receive adequate care. After two years, you are also healthier.
Your worth as a woman goes beyond child bearing! Always remember that. There are great women we remember not because of the children they had but because of their good deeds.
God’s purpose for each person is also different. Bear children you can conveniently cater for. Space your children and enjoy your God given life.


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