The first milk that comes after the birth of a baby is called the colustrum. Though very essential it’s unfortunate some babies are denied of its benefits since it is considered dirty and thrown away.

It is usually yellow in color and contains lots of nutrients that help the new born baby to start breast feeding. It is also called the practice milk.

It’s benefits include

Breastfeeding builds a bond between mum and baby

🔴Helping the new born to clear excess bilirubin in the blood to prevent jaundice

🔴It contains substances that protects the new born against infections in the environment

🔴It also serves as a laxative for the new born to pass the first stool called meconium.

🔴The baby practices the act of breastfeeding by sucking colustrum

🔴Babies should not be denied the benefits and colustrum. Don’t express it and throw away. It is not dirty. It is a liquid gold for your baby

🔴It starts to form several months during pregnancy before the baby is born. Don’t assume the breastmilk is not coming and baby will not get anything.

Proper positioning allows baby to get enough breastmilk

🔴It’s not much but very essential for the new born. Just start breast feeding within the first hour of birth. The more baby sucks the more signals are sent to the brain and more breast milk produced.

🔴It comes with all the benefits of breastfeeding.

Don’t let your baby miss this golden opportunity! Also remember to breastfeed your baby exclusively for the first six months and introduce other foods at six months. Complementary feeding should continue till baby is two years old. Seek help if you have problems with breastfeeding.

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