Excercise during pregnancy

Why do we need to exercise during pregnancy?

1. It helps us to stay healthy

2. It promotes healthy tiredness which helps you to sleep better

3. It helps make your labor easier

4.it even helps your mood. You are happier when you exercise

5. It helps Maintains a healthy weight

When can I start exercising?

Right from the beginning of the first trimester if all things are well you can start exercising. Ask your midwife which ones are appropriate for you.

It help the pelvis to open

Can every pregnant woman? exercise

Most pregnant women have no problem and they can exercise.

Before you exercise, ask your doctor or midwife whether you are fit to do so

Do not excercise if you have asthma, uncontrolled diabetes in pregnancy, history of frequent miscarriage, bleeding or any other condition that can affect the pregnancy negatively

Before I exercise, what should I do?

Eat an hour or 30 minutes before you start the exercise

Take lots of fluids

Make sure you are well and you have no other condition preventing you

Wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to breathe freely

Wear comfortable flat shoes or slippers

Which kind of exercises can I do?

Be active. You can do the normal household chores if you have some energy

Take walks etc
One thing you should remember is that some form of exercises will help your pelvis to widen.

This helps the pelvis to open and helps delivery become easier.

It even reduces the threshold of pain and also the time of delivery

Remember if you have no problem and you are not exercising, you are not helping yourself

This is also a great way to prepare your body for labor and delivery

Walking is a bonus. During pregnancy, that’s when I know all the corners in my area

Walk, walk and walk!
Things don’t just happen

You need to prepare for it

Also practicing kegels excercise is very helpful. This helps to perineal muscles a lot

Deep breathing excercise is also helpful as it can be of great help during labor and delivery. You will need to take deep breaths in between your contractions

Squats are very helpful

I am going to have a caesarian section. Do I need to exercise?

Yes you need to exercise

It helps you to recover early

The pain you experience is less as compared to someone who never did

Your baby becomes stronger and you feel healthy

It even helps with controlling your blood pressure

When you should stop exercising?

When you start feeling




Abdominal pains

Or anything negative. Stop, rest and report
Avoid any form of exercise that can harm your abdomen or too vigorous.

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