Polyhydramnios or hydramnios occurs when the fluid in the amniotic sac surrounding the fetus becomes more than 2000mL.

The normal amount of amniotic fluid is 800ml, which is noted at 34 weeks of pregnancy.

This amount further decreases as the pregnancy progresses and is around 600 ml at 40 weeks.

The cause of polyhydramnios is usually unknown but can be linked to conditions in the mum or the baby.. Eg Uncontrolled diabetes in mum or and abnormality in the gastrointestinal tract of the baby.

Some signs and symptoms include

đź”´Breathlessness when lying down

đź”´Palpitations or feeling of one’s heart beat

đź”´Your feet are swelling and there are varicose veins as well.

đź”´Abdomen becomes larger the normal

It can lead to complications like premature birth, malpositioning of the baby, cord prolapse, fetal abnormalities etc

It can be mild and will require no treatment. In severe cases patients will require treatment to control the underlying cause. Example if mother is diabetic the sugar will be controlled to prevent further complications.

Depending on what causes it investigations will be done and appropriate treatment given.

If diagnosed with polyhydramnios, just do well to comply with treatment. Not all mums diagnosed with polyhydramnios end up with complications. Just adhere to your doctors instructions.

If your waters break before your due date kindly report as soon as possible.

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