Between 2005 to 2006, Major Courage Quarshigah visited my school Korlebu Nursing and Midwifery training school for a ceremony

In his speech, he questioned why we still allow women to deliver on their back and why they are not allowed to make their own choices.

He asked, when you want to empty your bowel, do you lie down or you squat?

It was not pleasant to my ears, what’s he talking about? He continued.. Women should squat, sit, stand or assume a position gravity will support when giving birth.

I was a nursing student, what he said made no meaning to me. I had no idea what birth was all about.

But today after years of practice, experience and evidence based research. I agree perfectly with him.

Lying on your back to deliver your baby reduces your pelvic outlet by 30 percent and slows the delivery process. It’s only convenient to the health worker and not the mum and her baby.

It’s been more than 10 years since he said this.
Some midwives have been advocating for change. Especially our very own Madam #CeceliaAmpadu. How are our hospitals transitioning and allowing women to make their own informed choices?

We need change! Our system needs to change!Women should have options when it comes to child birth.

We can reduce birth complications if we start making some of these changes. Hope our voices will be heard and the necessary changes made!

No woman should die bringing life into the world!

He is gone, but his words still continue.. Hope we are heard!!!

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